London Choir
London Choir

Choir Membership is just £25 a month

Your Choir membership fees are as easy and flexible as possible!

After your free taster session, West End Musical Choir costs £25 a month (splitting cost of £100 for the Term) payable by direct debit. This works out at £100 for each of our three terms. Min 1x Term commitment.

After your free session, West End Musical Choir costs £25 a month, payable by direct debit. This works out at £100 fores as easy and flexible as possible.

2017 Membership is just £25 a month



- Weekly Rehearsals led by professional West End Musical Directors

(LIVE in-person across London & live streamed with multi cameras on Zoom)

- Bi-weekly Harmony Sessions on Zoom, led by professional West End Musical Directors

- Harmony tracks, lyrics sheets, sheet music

- Choir APP (For IPhone, IPads & Androids)

- Performance opportunities (in-person & virtual)

- Additional Dress rehearsals for some performances

- Weekly Social events (in-person & virtual)

- Access to Masterclasses & performances at Disneyland & Disney World.

- Theatre trips

- Discounted theatre tickets


When you become a Member, you can join any of our locations, so if you have to miss a Rehearsal from your primary location, you can join in another location on a different day as we go through the same fantastic material in all our London locations! We're launching many more Choir locations this year, so email us today if you'd like us to launch a Choir location near you!

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Monthly Payment System Here

Spreading the cost of the Term into monthly payments

  1. Acceptance into this monthly payment system is entirely at the discretion of West End Musical Choir Ltd.

  2. The system is a direct debit system operated through GoCardless Ltd as the intermediary.

  3. To use the system, you must have a bank account with a UK bank which operates a direct debit system.

  4. The normal payment will be £25 a month continuously throughout the year including during months when rehearsals are not running. The cost across the year is £300 for 3 terms split into 12 monthly payments. Min commitment is 1 Term.

  5. Once you have created a Gocardless account and registered your bank account details, your account will be debited with £25 within 10 days. On first registration, this may take up to 10 business days to appear on your account.

  6. On the same day each month as you have registered, a further payment of £25 will be debited from your Bank account. This may take up to 3 business days to appear on your account.

  7. All payments made will be offset against the term fees (£100 normally).

  8. West End Musical Choir reserves the right to take additional or increased payments as necessary to meet the following schedule:

    • Payment for Autumn term - completed with December payment

    • Payment for Spring term - completed with April payment

    • Payment for Summer term - completed with August payment

    Where an additional or increased payment is required, West End Musical Choir will notify you 10 days prior to the amount being taken from your Bank.

  9. If your bank account details change you must log on to your Gocardless account and amend your details.

  10. If for any reason your monthly payment is not authorised by your bank then you will receive an automated email informing you. On receipt of this email you should immediately contact your bank to discuss the failed payment. 7 days later an attempt will be made to debit the payment again. If the second attempt fails then your Direct Debit mandate will be suspended and West End Musical Choir will contact you directly.

  11. In the event that you decide to leave West End Musical Choir, you should inform us by email ( We will look at your West End Musical Choir account and attendance and your payments will be calculated up to the date of leaving. If monies are still owed, then further payments will be debited until these are covered. Your Phoenix Artist Club Membership will also be cancelled.

I agree to Terms and Conditions above

Read Choir Terms and Conditions HERE


In-person all across London, launching around the UK

& virtually to access around the world!


We usually have 10 Choirs running across London each Term. As we start to come out of lockdown from Covid-19, we are hosting an exclusive limited amount of Choirs and well as live streaming rehearsals... so singers can join in no matter where they are in the world!

Our selected London venues are safe & spacious with social distancing in place. You still get the magic of group singing, but in a safe & spacious environment as we get back to normal. We are only offering virtual Tasters this Term.


MONDAYS, 7:30pm - 9pm


Fulham, London


TUESDAYS, 7:30pm - 9pm


Mile End, London


Virtual rehearsal on Zoom for you to join in with from the comfort of your own home, from wherever you are around the world!

WEDNESDAYS, 7:30pm - 9pm


West Hampstead, London


Live streamed rehearsal option on Zoom, streaming our live in-person rehearsal in London, for you to join in with in the comfort of your own home, from wherever you are around the world!

THURSDAYS, 7:30pm - 9pm


Wimbledon, London



We have Choirs running throughout the week Monday - Thursday, so the below dates give Monday as an example. We have 3 Terms a year. Each Term is 10 weeks.


Monday 3rd May    VIRTUAL ONLY

Monday 10th May  VIRTUAL ONLY


Monday 24th May

Monday 31st May


Monday 14th June

Monday 21st June

Monday 28th June

Monday 5th July

Monday 12th July

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You will only pay for future Rehearsals, not past in the Term.

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