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West End Musical Choir is so proud to extend the experience of a West End Musical Director in a large choral group to now working with West End Vocal Coach one-to-one to develop your voice.



Developing your voice in the best WEST END Location…with leading WEST END VOCAL COACHES…in the very same location as the WEST END STARS….           


We now have the opportunity for INDIVIDUAL and SMALL GROUP VOCAL LESSONS in the middle of Soho with our selected vocal teachers for a price starting from just £22.50 per hr.

We have personally approved the vocal development of each teaching singer… you will receive a West End Individual / Group Vocal teaching experience that is affordable, fun and accessible for all members…

Set in the Centre of London, Shaftesbury Avenue W2 at the renowned Umbrella Rooms.

This audition building is used by many West End productions for their casting sessions as we as singing lessons to West End stars.

Lovely Waiting Room, Free High Speed Wi-Fi, Kitchen, Tea, Coffee.

55 min Individual Singing Lessons


55 min Small Group Singing Lessons (Groups of 2 or 3)


West End Musical Choir has hand-picked the best team of singing teachers in London, based in the heart of theatreland on Shaftesbury Avenue WC2. 


They have the energy and enthusiasm to inspire people of any age and ability. And because our teachers lead active performing careers, they are able to share their knowledge of the music industry! All of our teachers are graduates of the world’s leading music conservatoires.

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Our Booking System is designed to be flexible. You can choose to have lessons as often or as little as you like!


We're currently offer lessons for 3 dates while we see the popularity of bookings. We will then offer vocal lessons every Saturday, which allows you to progress more consistently. 


Select the type of Vocal Lesson (Individual or Group) you'd like and a date and a time that suits you!

Book Below >


No matter what your singing ability, our singing lessons will suit you! Whether you've never sung before, have little experience or are a trained industry professional, we cater the speed & approach of our lessons to suit you.

Feel insecure with your voice….

Want to share the experience with someone… try out our fun Group Vocal Lessons.

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West End Vocal Lessons currently available on Saturdays. Three available dates during our launch. More dates being announced in the next week!

IMPORTANT: If selecting Small Group Vocal Lesson, all singers must have the same voice type (Soprano, Tenor, Alto, Baritone or Bass) & sing the same song. You can only book this type of Lesson altogether (ie either one of the Group books or you all book at the same time / within 10mins of each other). To see who else is interested in a time slot & organise to book with them, go to & post on our Facebook Event HERE

IMPORTANT: *Bring your own sheet music and backing track *

Once booked, we will email you a link to our Dropbox folder, hosting a range of musical theatre sheet music and backing tracks suited to each specific vocal type, to get you started. You do not need to bring music from this selection, this is just a helpful option for those singers that would like some guidance.

Booking terms and conditions

Rescheduling Policy allows singers to reschedule their Vocal Lesson up to 48 hours prior to their booking.

We do not accept Cancellations under any circumstances.

If one Singer from a '(3 Singers) Small Group Vocal Lesson' booking has to reschedule their Lesson, the other two Singers need to proceed with the Session as a '(2 Singers) Small Group Vocal Lesson' therefore paying the increased fee of £30 per singer, as opposed to the other rate of £22.50.

If one Singer from a '(2 Singers) Small Group Vocal Lesson' booking has to reschedule their Lesson, the other Singer has the option to either switch their booking time to a Private Vocal Lesson, paying the increased fee of £55, depending on availability, or to reschedule their original '(2 Singers) Small Group Vocal Lesson' to another time that suits both Singers.

It is required that Singers bring their sheet music for their song along with a backing track for it. This is the singers responsibility and not the teachers or west end musical choir. If you don't bring your music and backing track you won't be able to sing. 

To help get you started, we've selected a range of fantastic musical theatre songs specific to vocal types along with the backing tracks. Here is a link to our Dropbox folder, hosting this:


To reschedule or change to private booking, contact us by email at 


Rescheduling will not be accepted if within 48 hours of your vocal lesson.

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