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This is an Agreement between You, the Member, and West End Musical Choir Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales, whose registered office is at Flat 4 Lyndhurst Mansions, Vera Road, London SW6 6QL. By following the joining process at our Website to become a Member of West End Musical Choir Ltd you are accepting the terms and conditions in this Membership Agreement. You should only join if you are willing to accept them.



1    This Membership Agreement starts once you have accepted the terms during the online joining process. By accepting the terms you are agreeing to pay any applicable fees which are shown at the start of the joining process and again before confirming your payment instruction. 

2    The harmonies, concepts and resources used in West End Musical Choir are owned by West End Musical Choir Ltd. In taking part in any rehearsal, performance, workshop or event it is agreed that any use of resources, techniques and ideas will not be used, amended, copied or replicated at any other event, or to any group or in any venue. If found to be used, legal action will ensue against the individual.

3    You are entitled to access and use resources defined by your Membership provided your fees are current. 

4    West End Musical Choir rehearsals run in term time only for 10 weeks over 3 academic terms a year. During the year West End Musical Choir will bring choirs together to sing and these events will supplement your normal scheduled weekly rehearsals and may be held at an alternative venue. West End Musical Choir reserves the right to alter the schedule and/or location of rehearsals to fit in with these events, performances and any other events that may be taking place. No refunds will be given in these circumstances. If rehearsals are cancelled due to acts of God (weather etc.) then West End Musical Choir will make best endeavours to provide alternative rehearsal time over the next two terms. No refunds will be given in these circumstances. West End Musical Choir will always endeavour to give as much notice as possible to members for any changes made to regular scheduled rehearsals.

5    West End Musical Choir may from time to time provide additional facilities such as downloads, special masterclasses and shows. These are not part of the basic Membership facilities and are provided solely at the discretion of West End Musical Choir. 

6    West End Musical Choir will only proceed with a minimum sized group. If this minimum is not achieved, all Members will be refunded the full amount they have paid.

7    Membership costs may vary each academic year and Members will be notified of any change in advance.

8    By joining, it is agreed that photographic, motion picture, electronic (video) images and sound and video recordings may be taken of all the members and used for advertising and marketing purposes in relation to West End Musical Choir.

9    You have the right to cancel this Agreement at any time, however, the minimum commitment period is one term, and fees will continue to be taken for this period whether or not you attend the remainder of the current term period. If you wish to cancel your membership you must email us at

10    In case of dispute you must show that you cancelled the Agreement in accordance with the cancellation terms.

11    You may interrupt your Membership for any period for exceptional reasons (to be agreed with West End Musical Choir), during which your access to downloads will be deactivated, by emailing

12    You may opt out of email and SMS communications that we may send but if you do, we cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred by you not receiving West End Musical Choir-related communications.


Your Obligations

1    You agree to pay us any applicable fees on the date shown in the online joining process and in the emails sent to you by West End Musical Choir.

2    Where applicable, you agree to maintain a direct debit instruction with your bank for the monthly Membership amount.

3    Termly Membership is due before the start of the term.

4    You confirm that you are at least 18 years old or have the permission from an adult with parental responsibilities.

5    You must use the West End Musical Choir downloads in the proper manner and you must consult your Choir Staff if you are unsure.

6    You consent to incidental inclusion in marketing photographs that we may take from time to time.

7    You agree that you have understood our privacy policy

8    You agree to tell us immediately of any changes to your personal details including contact information.

9    In making an application, Members are assumed to be medically fit to undertake the vocal and physical demands of West End Musical Choir. If an individual has any doubts, these should be indicated to West End Musical Choir prior to their application.


Code of Conduct

1    West End Musical Choir aims to create a safe, positive and cohesive environment for all its Members. In order to do this, we must ensure acceptable standards of behaviour from our Members.

2    All Members should be punctual to rehearsals and adhere to times and guidelines set by West End Musical Choir.

3    All Members should respond to the leadership of the Musical Director and official West End Musical Choir staff members.

4    Members should be co-operative with both West End Musical Choir staff and fellow West End Musical Choir Members, and uphold an equal-opportunity environment. Any form of negative behaviour, whether written or verbal, towards others including West End Musical Choir Members, West End Musical Choir Musical Directors, the West End Musical Choir staff or to the rehearsal and performance environment/staff or audience will lead to cancellation of Membership. In this case, Membership payment will not be refunded.

5    All members performing or helping at external events should understand that they are showcasing the choir and are not engage in behavior which could negatively impact themselves or the Choir.

6    Social media groups linked to West End Musical Choir must comply with the Malicious Communications Act 1988 and The Communications Act 2003

7    Members should understand clearly that West End Musical Choir cannot be held financially responsible for damage caused by misconduct.


Health and Safety

1    West End Musical Choir is not responsible for damage to person or personal belongings whilst attending rehearsals and performances or before and after rehearsals and performances.

2    West End Musical Choir Members are responsible for their own property and well-being whilst attending all rehearsals and performances.

3    Travel arrangements are to be made by each Member to rehearsals and performances unless it is agreed otherwise.


Our Rights

1    We may terminate this Agreement and your West End Musical Choir Membership with immediate effect if you do not pay any applicable fees or monthly Membership amount when it falls due.

2    We may terminate this Agreement and cancel your West End Musical Choir Membership with immediate effect on notice to you if you breach any of the West End Musical Choir Membership Codes of Conduct. In this event you will no longer be able to access your downloads and you will not receive a refund.

3    We have the right to cancel your membership and anytime for any reason with immediate effect and if doing so, will refund you any Term fees that have not been used.

4    If we do not terminate your Membership if you breach any of the West End Musical Choir Membership terms and conditions, or if we give you extra time to pay if you do not pay your Membership fees or monthly Membership amount when it falls due, West End Musical Choir reserves the right to subsequently enforce the terms of this Agreement.

5    We may communicate West End Musical Choir related information to you by email, SMS or through our app. 

6    We may assign the benefit of this Agreement and our rights to a third party provided we give you notice and your rights under this Agreement will not be prejudiced.

7    We will notify you of any changes to these terms and conditions. 


West End Musical Choir performances - filming policy

By becoming a Member of or attending any events related to West End Musical Choir, you agree to being filmed, photographed and audio captured for marketing purposes of West End Musical Choir. These are owned by West End Musical Choir for the sole purposes of marketing and promotion of the Choir.


1 Members and their families/friends will be permitted to film West End Musical Choir shows providing the venue allows such filming and there is no additional charge to West End Musical Choir by the venue to enable this facility. (If the latter is the case West End Musical Choir Staff will advise you before the show date so that you can advise your friends and family that no filming is permitted whatsoever.)

2  Where filming is permissible the following conditions must be met and Members will need to ensure that their families/friends are aware of these conditions of filming prior to the performance:

1    The filming is for personal use only and cannot be for any purpose for which ANY form of charge is made either immediately following the show or at any point in the future.

2    If the film is to be posted on social media then it should not contain any content that causes distress, discomfort or any other issues for other Members or for West End Musical Choir itself. In such circumstances we will request the footage to be removed.

3    Whilst filming, consideration must always be given to the enjoyment of others in the audience. There should not be continual filming of the whole show and the camera used should be sufficiently small to not cause any nuisance to others, including blocking their view of any performance. No additional camera equipment to be used (e.g. tripods or zoom lenses).

4    Immediate compliance is required should anyone be asked to stop filming by a West End Musical Choir or venue official.

5    No permission will be granted to film or photograph the show for any professional or commercial purposes.


Other Clauses

1    Only you, the person named in the online joining process, can benefit from this Agreement.

2    If any of the terms of this Agreement are invalid, unenforceable or illegal the remaining terms can still be enforced.

3    This Agreement is governed by the law of England and Wales.

4    You should print a copy of this Agreement for future reference. 

Payment methods

1    The fees payable are inclusive of VAT at the rate applicable at the current time.

2    Monthly payments: These payments must be set up before the start of term and will continue monthly throughout the year until the Member leaves West End Musical Choir. If the Member transfers to the monthly payment system partway through the term, any fees will be pro rata to the full term amount remaining. When a Member making monthly payments wishes to leave West End Musical Choir they are required to email requesting cancellation of their Membership. Any outstanding payment will need to be settled before the payment scheme is cancelled.

3    Full term payments: Deposits & remaining balances must be received and processed before the start of each term to secure a place in the relevant choir. If full payment is not received on or before the start of the term, all membership benefits will not be available. When a Member who is making full-termly payments wishes to leave West End Musical Choir they are required to email to request retirement of their Membership. Payments can be made online by debit card or credit card. 


Additional Services

1    We do not accept any liability for any losses, damage, personal injury or other loss caused by any negligent act or omission of those providing the additional services which are specifically excluded from the Membership Agreement and West End Musical Choir Ltd does not accept any responsibility for the same.



West End Musical Choir Ltd reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice.


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