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Singing in a choir or a band can have numerous benefits on your health. Research has been carried out on people who sing in choirs and it was discovered that singing in a group brought about a boost in psychological well being. To join our London choir is not just a way of improving your musical skills or making new friends, it can also be a good way to improve your mental and physical health.


Singing and performing in a group to create sensational music that is pleasing to the ear relieves stress and brings about a feeling of fulfilment. Joining a London choir might just be the way to keep your health in check. Still doubting the usefulness of joining a choir? Below is how singing in a choir can benefit you:


  1. Singing in a choir with other people creates the feeling of togetherness. Singing in a choir will give you the feeling of sharing something with others and be an integral part of a whole.

  2. Science has shown that singing in a group has a positive effect on your heart rate. When you sing with other members of a choir, your heart rate beats in unison with others which stems from a feeling of emotional connection when you communicate and cooperate to produce a perfect rendition.

  3. Singing is beneficial to the mental health, studies show the joy from being part of a singing group helped increase morale. Singing also increases oxytocin levels in the body which helps in regulating anxiety and stress.

  4. Unlike solo singers, participating in a group such as our London choir brings about a feeling of social wellbeing, you and other members of the choir have one thing in common which is singing! Not only do you build friendship during rehearsal and performances, you also make friends who usually head to the pub after rehearsal or performances for a drink and a catch-up.

  5. Singing is also a good way to boost your confidence and your ability, being a part of the West End Musical Choir can give you the feeling of satisfaction which is a great boost to your confidence and singing ability when you’re surrounded by passionate, like-minded people.


Being part of a choir is a good benefit to your health, and joining our London choir may just be the best thing you do this year!


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